You Wouldn’t Believe Your Eyes: These People are Actually Women


This isn’t one of those stories about gender change. The following people you are going to see are actually women who were taking too much steroids in order to achieve the muscles they wanted. But what happened instead – yes, they got their muscles and lost their feminine faces. These are their stories.

1 Heidi Krieger

She was taking too much steroids and in the end they made her look masculine to a point where she no longer wanted to be a woman. She was taking anabolic steroids in her teenage years, but it does much more than helping this girl win a gold medal – it changed her body forever. East German shot put champion Heidi Krieger claims she was so masculinized by the drugs her coaches gave her that she later chose to become a man, and underwent a series a gender-change operations to become Andreas Krieger. Kreiger was among thousands of young athletes injured by an East German government plan to dominate Olympic sports through chemistry. In most cases, they were told the pills and shots they were given were vitamins and natural supplements. Their enormous physiques and aggressive behavior inspired the International Olympic Committee’s first drug testing programs in the 1970s.

Heidi Krieger

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