You wouldn’t believe on these surprising masquerades people


Just because you think you know somebody does not mean that person does not have secrets. Some secrets are innocent and harmless, while others are downright unbelievable. Here are some examples of people whom the world thought were just and fair, but that could NOT be farther from the truth.

1 Mafia Police

Tom Brown was a member of the ‘Purity Squad’ of St. Paul Police Department, and model police officer in the eye of the public. He gained fame in the police force by hunting down and killing an escaped gangster being tried for murder, after which he was set about to rid the streets of the rest of their kind. However, Tom found the darker side of law more alluring and spiraled into a life of crime hidden by the uniform he wore. He became the Chief of Police with the help of some of the most notable names in crime, such as Leon Gleckman (a.k.a. Al Capone of St. Paul) and John Dillinger. His life of crime caught up to him in the end, but he only received a ‘slap on the wrist’ as Brown did not face charges, he was only removed from the police force by the new mayor.

Mafia Police

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