A Man’s 1993 yearbook photo predicts Chicago Cubs win the World Series 2016

Will the Chicago cubs finally win the World Series as a prediction says in 1993? The team is depending on the revelation of a photograph taken in 1993 where a man predicted a cub’s win and posted it on his yearbook.


The yearbook photo was taken by Michael Lee in Mission Vejo, California; it would be remarkable if the Cubs do win the World Series having not won one since 1908.

1 Picture found by Mom

Michael Lee posted his incredible yearbook picture in 1993 with the caption” You heard it here first”. The photo made headlines and has gone viral ever since Thomas Dale posted it on Twitter saying his mother found the pic.

Michael Lee posted his incredible yearbook

Image Source: www.cmgdigital.com

2 Classmate backs up story

Marcos Meza was Lee’s former classmate. In an interview to WGN TV he claimed that he never forgot the prediction. He connected with Lee again on Facebook in 2009 and resent him the picture saying it was nearing 2009. “After my Dodgers lost it was time for me to make this go viral and BeLEEve in the Cubs for 2016.”

Marcos Meza was Lee’s former classmate

Image Source: www.terezowens.com

3 What this redditor had to say

To refute claims against the Image being photo shopped, one redditor claimed to have found 4 yearbooks of the same year and each of them also have the same picture. WGN TV is in touch with Lee and is waiting patiently to see if the awesome prediction comes true. That would be simply ballistic.

Image being photo shopped

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

4 Will the Chicago cubs win the World Series?

The man predicted a Cubs win 23 years ago. The Chicago Cubs have never won a world series since 2008. The Cubs registered their first classic fall win after 1945 and feel they have a great chance at the World Series title.


The Cubs beat Los Angeles Dodgers in the national league championship series and advance to the World Series where they are currently on a face off with the Cleveland Indians. If they do win, Michael Lee will be the real champion.

Chicago cubs win the World Series

Image Source: www.upi.com


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