10 Mega Wrestling Stars who could shock us with an appearance at The Royal Rumble in January 2017

WWE’s Royal Rumble’s PPV has always been the centre of attraction. Since the show’s debut in 1988, it became a wrestling extravaganza over which fans became crazy the world over. Every Royal Rumble has featured new stars among which some became household names. Among the wrestling stars of today, can we expect any of them to make a shocking appearance in the royal rumble slated for January 29th 2017? Wouldn’t that make the show even more spectacular than before? Here are 10 wrestling stars who could make shocking appearances in the Royal Rumble of 2017.


1 Jake Roberts

Jake ‘The snake’ Roberts has done much to get hold of his life after losing track for several years. He has even tried Yoga to help him focus. An appearance in the royal rumble would be giving fans a nice nostalgic treat.

Jake Roberts

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2 Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura making an entrance in the 2017 Royal Rumble would drive fans straight through the roof of the San Antonio’s Alamaodome. However AT this point, Nakamura seems more like an outside bet and less likely to be chosen as the wrestler is now the center of focus of the NXT.

Shinsuke Nakamura

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3 X-Pac

X-Pac could be a surprise return to the PPV having being part of D-Generation X members of the WWE. As a pioneer in the arena of wrestling talent he deserves a chance of making an appearance in the ring once more.


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4 Carlito

The charisma of Carlito is well known in the ring and there have been rumors of the WWE bringing Carlito back to the company. However the tag team gold medalist as well as the winner of the intercontinental gold may follow Jinder Mahal who has been signed up for RAW.



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5 Bobby Roode

Since making a stunning impression in NXT midway 2016, the Canadian Former TNA champion could move to RAW or Smackdown at any time. Although it could be too soon seeing Bobby Roode in the Royal Rumble, still it would be a pleasant shocker to see him feature there.

Bobby Roode

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Diamond Dallas page was a big surprise at the rumble of 2016 and seeing the good relationship he shares with the WWE, he could well be the shocker for 2017. AT 60 Dallas is still in great shape and he is an inspiration to many younger stars with his DDP Yoga plan.

Diamond Dallas page

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7 Shawn Michaels

Could this really be possible? After losing to the Undertaker in wrestle mania XXVI, the heartbreak kid retired from professional wrestling. However rumors are ripe with the fact that Shawn Michaels could make a comeback and which better way to do so than an appearance in the rumble ring. Shawn Michaels is well known for his charismatic personality in the ring and it would be nice to see him perform in 2017.

Shawn Michaels

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8 Austin Aries

Austin Aries as the greatest man ever was put out of action by Nakamura who fractured his orbital bone with a kick to the face. But now being added to the 205 crew, there is a big possibility that he could be a part of the rumble event of 2017.

Austin Aries

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9 Tye Dillinger

The NXT star could be a surprise shocking entry at this year’s Rumble. The highly talented Canadian is both skilled and charismatic and it would be a treat for fans to see his antics in the rumble ring. Smack down would definitely make a good arena to feature Dillinger.

Tye Dillinger

Image Source: www.dailywrestlingnews.com

10 The Undertaker

And finally the favorite who may just be going against John Cena in wrestlemania XXXIII. This might happen should Cena defeat AJ styles for the WWE championship at the rumble. The undertaker’s indomitable personality would be a fantastic hit with fans if he were to make a shocking appearance at the royal rumble of 2017.

The Undertaker

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