The world’s largest cruise ship, Harmony has arrived in Southampton and is ready for its first Cruise to Barcelona

The world’s largest cruise ship costing a staggering $ 1 billion arrived today at 6:15 am in Southampton after completing its first maiden voyage from a French Dockyard. The ship is more than thrice the length of the Big Ben and is 125 feet longer than the height of the Eiffel Tower. The majestic cruise vessel named ‘Harmony of the Seas’ took 32 months to be built in a French dockyard and left on Sunday from the port town of Saint Nazaire amidst loud cheering from more than thousands, who had gathered to see it off.

The Harmony of the Seas is gigantic and measures 1,187 feet from bow to stern; it is the largest cruise ship in the world ever to have been built and can easily accommodate 6360 passengers. Almost like a city floating on water, it boasts amenities you wouldn’t dream of finding on board a ship.

1 A Huge Cruise liner with the Highest Water Slide on High Seas

The enormous cruise liner is so large that it has 23 swimming pools, 20 dining rooms and restaurants, 2500 staterooms and would you believe, a park with 50 trees and 10,000 plants. When it sets sail for its first inaugural cruise to Barcelona on 22nd May, it will mark a new era of luxury cruising primarily in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

The Harmony of the Seas is part of the Royal Caribbean International fleet of 25 ocean liners. With 16 decks, the Harmony is manned by a 2100 strong crew that will oversee its 6400 passengers. As far as entertainment goes, the ship also features ‘The Ultimate Abyss’ the highest slide on the seas. The slide is a breathtaking 100 feet drop from the pool on the sports zone right down 10 storeys to the boardwalk zone.

The Harmony of the Seas

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