World’s heaviest person loses 700 pounds and takes his first steps In 17 years!

When it comes to creating records, we all want to make name and fame. From the record shows to the Guinness Book Of World Records, there are a whole lot of resources that have always tracked the stories of people who have shattered unbelievable boundaries or limits. However, sometimes, not all records might just be for good. Take the case of those who are overweight, for instance. To be the world’s heaviest person might make your name known across the globe but then imagine the real plight of being so. From complicated diseases, to immune whitewashing to tons of health issues, there is much at stake when somebody holds the record of being the heaviest person. As of now, this title belongs to one Khaled Mohsen Al Shaeri and here is his story.

1 The Heavyweight Story Of Khaled

Khaled has been in the news for the past 17 years of his life since he was born heavy and has also been admitted to leading health care centres in Saudi Arabia at the request of the king himself. The heaviest person is the world is all of 17 years in age and initially weighed more than 1000 pounds.

Today, he is in the limelight because he took his first steps as a teenager after having lost a substantial amount of weight. Khaled is native to Saudi Arabia and has recently lost about 700 pounds. That has taken away almost half his original weight. This was the result of exclusive fitness routines and hospital treatments.

The Heavyweight Story Of Khaled

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