The Worlds Heaviest Man bedridden for 6 years finally stands up and hopes to recover

Obesity isn’t a good thing even if it gets you in the news. Take for example Juan Pedro. At 32, this man weighs a massive 1,100 pounds. Within a span of 15 years Pedro put on almost 800 pounds after weighing just 200 pounds when he was 17.


The man from Mexico has earned the distinction of being the world’s heaviest man.

1 The reason for his enormous weight

The reason behind Juan Pedro’s predicament is ill health. Suffering from type 2 diabetes at 17, he contracted thyroid problems, liquid in the lungs and hypertension. Although he was a big made man weighing 200 pounds at 17, it was after his ill health that he gained weight enormously.


Juan Pedro became immobile and was unable to live an active life. He was helpless, bed ridden and plagued with depression due to his problems. According to his mother, his conditions made him so depressed that he did not wish to go outside at all.

The reason for his enormous weight

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2 A stroke of luck came knocking at his door

Fortunately for Juan Pedro, a team of health officials came calling to help him get back on track. They firmly lifted him and helped him stand. After six years of being burdened by his weight, Juan finally stood up. “I think there is a new hope, a new door that has been opened for me,” an excited Juan Pedro explains.

Juan Pedro will now be receiving new treatment and hopes to rescue normal life and recovery. Watch the video of the world’s heaviest man.


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