The worlds hardest word search involves just three letters that will drive you insane finding it

Are you a whiz at finding words in those cryptic word maze puzzles? Well let’s see how good you are at finding the worlds hardest word search. The grid below has only a 100 letters and you need to find a simple three letter word. Sounds very easy doesn’t it? Well can you guess what you’re expected to find from the very obvious pattern of words shown in the image below?

It’s simple really or is it? Don’t let the simplicity of the problem fool you as you will find out soon enough.

1 This is what you need to find

The word you are expected to find is also man’s best friend and that is D O G. The puzzle was uploaded to reddit over the weekend and is freaking many people out as a real toughie which is weird given the fact that the word is just three letters. Locate it for yourself and see how long it takes you.


If you found it instantly you definitely are a genius with gifted powers of observation. But it won’t be as easy as you think.

This is what you need to find

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