8 Wonderful Languages Of The World Which Doesn’t Require Speaking

Language play a very important role in our lives as it is necessary for communicating with other persons. There are many languages spoken in this world but there are some languages which are not spoken using words. Whether spoken with or without words, there are always ways on how to improve speaking skills through practise. These languages are called non-verbal languages and they can be used for communication either by using signs or by using whistle, humming or by playing music, etc.


While some non-verbal languages were created by people for fighting their physical disability, some were created out of necessity of conversing from a long distance as earlier they were no mobile phones.

1Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language (ABSL)

This sign language was developed in a village in Israel where nearly 4% people are deaf. The deaf people of this village are unaware of Arabic or Hebrew and they have also not learned any sign language so the villagers developed their own sign language. The order of sentence formation in this language is “subject—object—verb” and it can be said that this sign language is developed on the basis of grammar.


As deafness in this village is quite frequent, the deaf people never face any sort of discrimination and marriages between hearing people and deaf people are very common.

Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language

Image Source: www.knowablemagazine.org


2Chinantec whistled speech

This whistle language is used in the small village of Oaxaca, Mexico where people use this language to say everything that they could have said in spoken language. The language which sounded like bird chirping consists of seven tones and people can talk even from a distance of 1 km.

The use of cellphones has reduced the use of whistled speech language to a great extent because of which the language experts have transcribed the Chinantec whistled speech in order to preserve its details if it gets extinct.

Chinantec whistled speech

Image Source: latinaish.com

3Kata Kolok

Kata Kolok is a sign language which is also known as “Benkala Sign Language” and “Balinese Sign Language. This sign language is used in two villages in Bali and is very different from other sign languages as the real-world locations and cardinal directions are used a lot in this language for representing words.


The language is not at all influenced with Balinese but it is completely based on the local culture. The people of these villages worship a deaf god and this language was designed by the deaf people and accepted by other people of the villages as well. The language derived its name from the word, “kolok” which means deaf in Balinese.

Kata Kolok

Image Source: tribunnews.com


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