This woman’s nose job went wrong when she was 16, but this is how she looks now


Plastic and cosmetic surgery doesn’t always turn out the way you want it to. Sometimes an expensive surgery can get so botched up that you lose not only your looks but a huge amount of money as well.

Cosmetic surgery gone wrong can really be traumatic and literally put an end to your social life making you a recluse if it can’t be corrected. This is exactly what happened when a Texan woman’s botched nose job ended in tragedy. The woman named Dana went through 21 years of trauma until she was fortunate enough to be featured in a reality show overseen by two cosmetic surgeons Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif who explore botched up cases like Danas and set them right documenting the entire process on Television.

1 A bad nose job can lead to several complications

In a worst case scenario, botched up surgery can lead to infection, pain, swelling and severe inflammation. For Dana Who lives in Texas, being chosen for the reality show ‘Botched’ was a godsend because she had suffered a complete messed up cosmetic procedure on her nose when she was just 16. If you’re wondering why she at 16 would require a nose job, then you’ll be surprised to know that despite the doctors on Botched feeling that she never really required one, it was her mother who made her undergo surgery.

bad nose job

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