Woman’s Mouth Is Impregnated with Twelve Painful Squid Organisms after Eating Raw Squid

Featuring an UGHH factor on the highest level, one woman got the most disgusting shock of her life when she found her mouth pregnant with baby squid. The little critters were literally sticking to her mouth and this is no hoax!! It actually happened and proves why you should never opt for semi cooked or raw seafood just for the sake of eating something exotic. She learnt the UGHH way!!


1 What actually happened?

A 63 year old South Korean woman while eating a piece of parboiled squid was unaware that she was actually placing one of its internal organs into her mouth. It happened to be part of the cephalod’s reproductive system which was intact and containing little baby squids.

parboiled squid

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2 Impregnated with tiny organisms

As soon as the woman from South Korea bit down on the piece which no doubt seemed entirely delectable to her, she got the nastiest sensation of her gastronomic life. A pricking sensation in her mouth causes her to gag and she experienced severe pain.

Doctors removed 12 white spindle shaped bug type organisms stuck in the mucous membranes of her tongue, cheek and gingival. One can imagine the feeling at the time but then again, that’s what happens when you’re not too careful with parboiled or raw sea food. The squid had actually emptied its reproductive contents into her mouth impregnating her with tiny organisms.

Impregnated with tiny organisms

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3 Reported by a scientific journals as a case study

The incident was reported by a scientific journal of parasitology where it described how the South Korean woman found her mouth pregnant with baby squid. It was undoubtedly a horrendous experience and disgusting too.

woman pregnant with baby squid

4 The incident as explained by doctors

Doctors identified the bug like organisms as spermatophores which are small pods of squid semen. Squid in several exotic restaurants in Southeast Asia, china, Korea and Japan are served entirely whole with all organs intact. This is rarely the practice in western cuisine.

It may sound shocking and horrifying but rest assured there was no scene of baby tentacles crawling out of her mouth like some horror movie. Spermatophores are organisms that aren’t completely formed but be that as it may, the incident sounds definitely revolting.

small pods of squid semen

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5 Similar cases have occurred before

Another case of a similar nature has been reported before. A case of squid insemination occurred in December when the person concerned had again consumed raw seafood. In the biopsy, doctors found a woman’s mouth pregnant with baby squid. The squid had actually thrust its sperm bag into the inner lining of the patient’s palate or the squamous epithelium.

What remains of raw squid is usually the sperm bag and the testis. This was also a case where the woman had been stung badly. After doctors successfully removed all of the organisms, the pain and inflammation subsequently reduced. There is a BIG lesson here people!!! DON’T EAT RAW SQUID or SEAFOOD PERIOD!!

woman eating squid

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