Woman Who Used To Weigh 300lbs Reveals What 3 Years Of Workout Did To Her Body, Her Pics Are Unbelievable

Losing weight may have been on the top of our priority list but there are so many distractions that we lose our focus and are not able to follow our fitness regime religiously.


However, there have been individuals who have shown that with determination, right attitude and focused approach, we can achieve whatever we want in our lives and losing weight is no exception either. We don’t want to fat shame anyone but it is also a hard-hitting truth that obesity is the carrier of many diseases and we can save ourselves if we get rid of the extra fat that has been accumulated in body.

Here is the transformation story of a girl in 20s whose journey reveals the hardships faced by her and the efforts that she made for becoming fit from fat.


1Meet Laura Micetich

Laura whose Instagram ID is “The Iron Giantess” is an inspiration for many as in 2014, she was 22 years old and used to weight 300lbs but now she weighs around 195lbs and has been inspiring others by posting her story on Instagram.

Laura Micetich

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2Being overweight simply means health issues

Can you imagine that at the age of 22, she was suffering from blood pressure, hypothyroidism and was on the edge of pre-diabetes? If she used to walk a little, she went out of breath. She also suffered from sore knees and aching shoulder. In simple words, she was living a life she didn’t want to live and this was when she decided to change it.

Being overweight simply means health issues

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3She grew up heavy

Laura told that she grew up heavy and learned to play it cool as well. Her family had a healthy lifestyle that included healthy food too but she used to eat junk food in between those healthy meals. Things became worse when she started eating out during her college times and ordered take out more than she should have.

She grew up heavy

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4What she disliked most about her weight and body

Her family members lived an adventurous life and she too liked sports a lot but many times she hesitated in taking part in those sports which she liked – parasailing or zip lining. She avoided playing these or going on a beach because she felt that she was too heavy for it. Laura said ‘no’ to hike outings and walks because she was of the opinion that she would be tired and not be able to continue.

What she disliked most about her weight and body

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5Thought of weight-loss surgery

There came a stage when Laura Micetich understood that she had to do something about her weight otherwise her youth would be lost and she would end up living a short and very complicated life. She made up mind to go for weight-loss surgery to get rid of the extra fat.

Weight-loss surgery

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6She hit the gym

Laura was seriously considering going under knife to lose weight; however before that, she hit a local gym and fell in love with lifting weights. She liked it a lot and became confident that she would be able to deal with her weight problem even without the surgery.

laura-micetich in the gym

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7Her new routine of living life

She also focused on eating healthy along with working out in the gym and her love for health, fitness and nutrition brought a great change in her life. It was not the first time that she tried to move towards a healthy lifestyle. In the past, she couldn’t manage to continue it for long and gave up. But this time, she was in no mood to give up and kept on sticking to her healthy habits.

Laura Micetich after weight loss

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8Her healthy diet

Laura removed all the starch and processed sugar from her meals. She stopped eating out, buying junk from the grocery store, drinking alcoholic drinks with her friends and getting takeout. Now working out hard and eating healthy were the two important aspects of her life and she was sticking pretty hard with them.

Laura Micetich diet

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9Results of the first year

In the first year, Laura lost 100lbs by following a healthy routine, working out, drinking lots of water and eating healthy food. She was not facing any health issue then and she chose her exercises pretty carefully as her skin didn’t get flabby which normally happens with those who lose weight.

Laura-micetich before and after weight loss

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10One habit that had the biggest effect

As per Laura, the one habit which has the biggest effect is the willingness to show up even if you don’t have a good day in gym. To maintain the continuity is very important as it keeps you stick to the plans and you don’t lose focus. There are times when you want to take off but if you can overcome this feeling, it will make you more determined for achieving your goal.

Laura Gym workout

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11Laura is an Instagram celebrity

With more than 330K followers, Laura has become an Instagram celebrity and her weight-loss journey has been inspiring many people for transforming their lives for better. She is providing motivation to all those who know that they should lose weight but sometimes they tend to get deviated from the path.

Laura is an Instagram celebrity

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12Choose the best way to get healthy

There are many methods to lose weight other than working out such as fad diets, pills, weight-loss surgery, etc. However Laura’s story proves that combining little discipline with hard work and common sense can produce awesome results. She was going for weight-loss surgery but after just few weeks in the gym, she understood that she needed to go under the bar and not the knife.

Choose the best way to get healthy

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13Her meals and snacks

Her day starts with eggs or a smoothie which is protein packed. Lunch is also protein packed and it includes ground turkey, chicken breasts, tune steaks and some green vegetables. Dinner consists of a lot of salmon while her snacks include celery, almonds, walnuts, sardines, jerkies, raw zucchini and carrots.

Her meals and snacks

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14The transformation

As we told you, she was the heaviest in 2014 weighing around 300lbs and this was the time when she decided to change her life completely. In May 2017, she was 180lbs, the thinnest ever, while at the present time, her weight is around 195lbs. That’s quite a transformation, indeed.

The transformation

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15Feels good when old clothes are too huge for your fit body

Getting fit may be very tough but in the end, it feels great when the person achieves the desired result. Laura gets more happiness by checking how huge the old clothes are for her as she is a lot thinner than before. Being fit and healthy not only increases the confidence but also helps in getting rid of many diseases, so why not take a step towards a healthy life and live happily?

Laura Micetich wearing her old clothes

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