Woman Tweets Harrowing Experience Of Mad American Health Billing Warning Others About It

5Not everyone can afford it

She then says she asked the woman to explain the procedure but says it was downright disgusting and would be a real problem to those who couldn’t afford it.

Not everyone can afford it

6Frustrating and can leave those who can’t afford it in a helpless situation

Of course, Sow had the means to pay the upfront but she explains how frustrating the entire procedure was which she is justified in saying so. Why would a hospital harass any patient scheduled for surgery at the last moment? What about people who can’t pay the amount?

helpless situation

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7Not an isolated incident but common practice

Such problems aren’t a unique incident only involving Sow; American hospitals are habituated in getting patients to bear the costs for their surgeries and procedures. That’s the American Healthcare system for you. She calls the entire system a dirty game because although you have insurance, you are still treated like dirt.

isolated incident

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8Hospitals should follow ethical practices

Sow says that she asked the caller to explain the regulations to her. Although she says it may be ok for hospitals to ask patients to pay the up-front but there should be an ethical way to do it and calling someone just before their surgery is pathetic. “I calmly ask her to walk me through the regulations that stipulate this. I understand why hospitals want to be paid upfront but it is disgusting to do it this way and withhold care from people who need it”.

emergency service

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