Woman Tweets Harrowing Experience Of Mad American Health Billing Warning Others About It

American billing can be crazy at times. It can be frustrating to the point of screaming at someone and this is just what one woman experienced. But Aminatou Sow, rather than bear it up decided to let others know about it through a series of tweets on twitter. Sow who hosts the podcast “Call your Girlfriend” had been scheduled for surgery. The hospital called her to pay her part of the bill in advance even though she had a $4000 deductible, yet the hospital asked her for an upfront payment of the entire amount. This is a classic example of the madness of American health billing.

1Aminatou Sow faced a harrowing experience when scheduled for surgery

Sow then recalled the entire episode on twitter where she begins by saying “Case in point: I’m scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. It’s been on the books for weeks. I’ve gone through extensive pre-testing and have followed up with the hospital every step of the way.” She continued by explaining how she received a call a day before surgery to confirm the time she needed to show up. She got her check-in time, organized her paperwork and even spoke to her insurance agent. She was all set “Yup all good”.

harrowing experience

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2Blackmail at the last moment

The hospital then warned Sow that if the upfront payment wasn’t made, she would not be allowed for surgery. She had expected to make the payment this year. The act was in poor taste to say the least.

Blackmail at the last moment

Image Source: www.providr.com

3She never expected such an arbitrary action at the last moment

Sow knew that the upcoming surgery was going to be a costly one but she least expected to get a call from the hospital at the last moment asking her to pay money. It lacked consideration proving how medical facilities are all about money and no care.

She never expected

4She insisted on completing all formalities to avoid problems

Sow reveals how she kept asking the hospital regarding the payments saying that as a black woman, she didn’t feel she could trust them enough not to create problems at the last moment. No one mentioned anything about paying the deductible upfront “Nobody said a peep about paying the deductible upfront. Also, this is so mercenary. Pay or no care for you”.

formalities to avoid problems

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