This woman thought the rash on her legs was from shaving, but doctors told her something more serious

Diagnosis is a very important step in treating any medical condition and if the doctors diagnose the condition incorrectly, the patient might have prolonged suffering and even die. This one young lady had been plagued by rashes on her feet and doctors couldn’t diagnose them properly and finally when they did, the result was something very serious. Check out the whole story here.

1 The woman and rash on her legs

Rhiannon Douglas is a 21 year old receptionist hailing from Cannock, Staffordshire, who used to see some rashes of red color on her legs. She used to think that red patches that used to itch sometimes were due to using beauty products on her legs including shaving creams or hari removing creams. However ultimately the rashes spread across her body and her back started to pain. She became so uncomfortable, that she was rushed to the A&E, in order to get the diagnosis of the rashes and the back pain.

The woman and rash on her legs

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