Woman Who Lost Her Forehead In A Crash Warning Others Not To Put Feet On Dashboard

Today we have the tragic and heartbreaking story of Grainne Kealy. She is currently 35 years old but has to live with the horrifying memories of her one mistake during a car crash she had when she was 22.


We all know today’s cars come equipped with airbags on both the driver’s side as well as the passenger’s side. These are there to protect both the front occupants during the event of a crash.  You may also know that these airbags deploy with an explosive force. But, did you know what happens when there is something between the airbags and a person’s face during a crash?

1Today’s tragic story

Grainne Kealy is the name of today’s person of interest as she has a warning for all our readers. This warning is to never place your feet on the dashboard of a car while it is in motion. If you’re wondering who does that or who would do that? We can tell you there are many people who feel it way more comfortable having their feet on the dashboard rather than sitting normally.

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2Why is Kealy warning us?

Grainne Kealy was 22-years old when her life took a turn for the worst. She was put with her boyfriend driving around in his jeep. While he did the driving she sat in the passenger side with her feet up on the dashboard. This proved to be the biggest mistake she made in her life.

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3The horrifying accident

While her boyfriend was driving Kealy sat in the passenger seat with her feet on the dashboard. This proved to be a grave mistake when the jeep skidded over some black ice and collided with a wall at 120mph. This turned out to be more fatal for her than her boyfriend.

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4What happened to the boyfriend?

During the accident, her boyfriend was saved by the airbag but those same airbags proved to be deadly for Kealy. When the airbags deployed on the driver’s side they took the impact of the crash and saved the boyfriend as it slammed into his face. This saved him for a painful death.

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5What happened to Kealy?

As Kealy had her feet on the dashboard and over the airbags when they deployed the force shoved Kealy’s knees into her face. The force was so strong that her knees destroyed her face and forehead. If Kealy had her feet where the passenger should, she would’ve survived the crash with just a few bruises and cuts.

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