Woman Lived 99 Years with All Organs Backwards Without Even Knowing It

Rose Marie Bentley was a woman from Oregon who lived all her life in a small rural town where she operated a store with her husband. She was in the church choir and even taught Sunday school. She loved gardening and lived to a ripe old age of would you believe 99. She was healthy but age took a toll on her till she succumbed to ill health. Hers seemed a normal story of a woman who lived a full life until her after her death. There was an unusual secret to Bentley which even she didn’t know about and it only came to light recently and has had doctors scratching their heads thoroughly perplexed.


1Medical students perplexed at an unusual sight

In 2018 even as the scent of formaldehyde floated in the air of a dissection room where medical student Warren Nielsen and his four colleagues was about to study a cadaver assigned to him as part of a dissection class for 15 students. You can guess whose cadaver was assigned to Nielsen. It was Bentley who had donated her body to science. The session took place at Oregon health and Science University in Portland.

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2Her identity was unknown at the time

The students didn’t know it was Rose Marie Bentley. Usually, the identities of those who donate their bodies to science are not supposed to be revealed to respect their wishes and those of their relatives but in the case of Rose Bentley, she was a unique case. Even as the students were about to explore the mystery of the human body, Bentley’s body indeed turned out the most mysterious one they had ever studied.

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3Rose Bentley turned out a very special case

Bentley was special as the students and professors were about to find out. In fact, as rightly deserved, she will now be a case in medical literature because of the amazing reason of a condition that she had called situs inversus with levocardia where all vital organs are reversed. Can you believe that? This and a number of other medical abnormalities has made Bentley a medical marvel.

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4She was 1 in 50 million

According to assistant professor Cameron Walker who teaches the foundations of clinical anatomy class at Oregon University, “I think the odds of finding another person like her may be as remote as one in 50 million,” said assistant professor Cameron Walker, I don’t think any of us will ever forget it, honestly. This is totally backwards’.

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