She injected sheep fat into her lips to make them plumper, the result instead was horrifying

What happens when a woman gets over obsessed with her looks and uses every possible means to increase them? The result is a great theme for ‘Blotched’ The cosmetic correction TV program that researches botched up cosmetic surgeries and remedies them.

Ashley was so desperate for plump lips that she resorted to the unthinkable method of injecting sheep fat to enhance her lips. The results were shocking and achieved the opposite effect.

1 She wanted plumper lips

Ashley has natural good looks as you can well judge form the image below. However as it is common for many women not to like their looks, Ashley too was unhappy with her lips. She wanted them plumpier. She was advised by someone to get a sheep fat injection. Ashley went ahead with the procedure.

She wanted plumper lips

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2 Her lips soon started inflating like a balloon

After she had injected sheep fat to enhance her lips, they certainly looked plumpier and even better looking according to her. But then they didn’t stop growing. Ashley’s lips started getting bigger and bigger. You can well imagine how she may have looked at one particular stage where one recalls to mind a certain cartoon character called Miss Piggy.

Her lips soon started inflating like a balloon

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3 Botched to the rescue

What Ashley thought would give her that perfect sexy pout gave her inflatable lips instead. It was then that she decided to seek help from ‘Botched’. Surgeons from Blotched then came to her rescue to remedy her condition. She used sheep fat to enhance her lips and it turned out a shocking decision. Thankfully Ashley’s lips are returning back to normal as you can see from her video.

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