Woman who had balloons placed under Her Skin Undergoes Surgery And The Results Are Amazing.


Sometimes medical conditions can be so life threatening and bizarre that they may traumatize their victims for life. However there are some stalwarts and courageous people who fight disease and come out winners in the end.

Jennifer Hiles 28 from South Dakota is one such woman suffering from a horrible condition called AVM or arterial Venous Malformation. AVM is a malformation of connections between blood vessels which can also progress to become life threatening. Jennifer’s condition was so bad that this woman was forced to have balloons under her skin surgically placed to see her pain.


1 AVM attacked her at an early age

AVM had marked Jennifer’s face hideously and even affected her social life to a great extent. Her facial AVM made her a figure of ridicule wherever she went where her problems started at an early age. However after her surgery, she was transformed with stunning results. Jennifer contracted facial AVM from childhood when doctors incorrectly diagnosed it as an unusual birthmark.

Her conditioned worsened as she grew older. There was a time when she almost lost her life and had to be airlifted to hospital after losing a huge amount of blood.

AVM attacked her at an early age

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2 Supported by a loving husband

In school Jenifer wasn’t really liked by boys because of her facial condition. According to her “I didn’t realize that I was so different until my first boyfriend,” she said in an interview. She added that “He would always talk to me, but then when we were in school, he would completely ignore me and talk to the pretty girls.” However Jennifer soon found a man who would truly love her for the person she is.

Jennifer met Dustin Van

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Jennifer met Dustin Van Overschelde who looked at her as a normal person. He spoke to reporters saying “I can see past her outside because she is so beautiful on the inside.” Dustin, who Jennifer has had two children with, has decided to stand with his wife during these difficult medical circumstances”. The couples share two beautiful daughters named Marlina and Kiah

Jennifer with her daughters

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