Desperate mom gets a job, but on payday she notices her pay check is void

Con artists have gotten smarter with time and are now using computers and technology to con poor people out of whatever money they have in their accounts. They have started producing fake checks in order to dupe people into depositing those checks which they get as pay and then send some money back which is “accidently” added in excess. Such type of scam is known as nanny scam and targets young and unemployed women looking for a job. Here is a scary example of such a scam.

1 The whole situation

Shannon Keenan is a mom and hard on money. She was looking to get any kind of job that paid whatever money possible so that she could feed her kid and herself and also save some money for tougher times ahead. Despite searching for a very long time, she was not getting any kind of job, but suddenly out of nowhere she got a job offering $25/hr for babysitting. The employer was a Texan lady named Emily and she wanted Shannon to take care of her 6 year old kid. “She needed me to watch her 6Desperate mom gets a job but on payday she notices her pay check is void year old son, who was in a wheelchair,” says Keegan. “I wanted to be able to take care of him and her, and help her, and if she’s willing to pay me that much, hell yeah. What happened next not only shocked Keegan but also the quick thinking of her relatives saved her lots of grief and loss of money as well.


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