This woman fought Anorexia and reshaped her body from a skeleton to a Body Building Champion

Anorexia is a killer disease but there have been quite a number of women who fought a winning battle with anorexia and lived to tell their tale as an inspiration to many. Among those who defeated anorexia, there is one who deserves merit of special mention, because she not only defeated anorexia, but went from being a virtual living skeleton to a body building champion. This is the story of Marta Chlanova, whose journey from an anorexic to bodybuilding champion is truly commendable.

Marta Chlanova’s fascinating transformation from a malnourished young woman, suffering severely from anorexia was truly remarkable. Her incredible journey took her from being the weight of a sickly child of just 31 kgs to a reputed and prize winning body builder.

1 At 17, Marta Looked Like a Skeleton

Marta Chlanova’s ordeal stared when she was 14. In a classic example of weight conscious young girls, Marta started dieting all because a friend remarked that she was fat. Anna dieted so vehemently that her diet consisted of only liquids and nothing more. This continued till she almost looked like a skeleton and was severely malnourished.

At 17 years old, Marta Chlanova’s anorexic condition became so severe that she weighed the same as a young child and that too, a malnourished one. She weighed just 31 kgs with a BMI of 12.6. She was almost on the verge of death, until she decided to put an end to her own suffering in one of the most positive ways possible. She decided to fight back.

 Marta Looked Like a Skeleton

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