Woman Dreams About Swallowing Her Engagement Ring Only To Wake Up And See It Wasn’t A Dream

We all love to dream and we love to experience dreams. They are fun and allow us to explore our imagination. We can have calm and peaceful dreams and sometimes things can be vivid and imaginative. But, sometimes things can get a bit scary.


There have been reports of people who do things while in a state of being asleep. These people don’t often hurt themselves but they can. They don’t even recall having done anything after they wake up. One such case went viral a few days ago and caught the attention of the media.

1Doing things while sleeping

When you think about what people are capable of doing while asleep, most people will say sleep talking or sudden movements. Though much worse is sleepwalking but that’s about it, right? Wrong! In a state of sleep, people have done a whole host of different things and when they woke up, they thought it was all a dream.


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2What can people do?

Most reports indicate a wide variety of things people have done while sleeping. Most of them can be just normal talking or walking while some were a bit too extreme. A case was reported in Britain where a woman drove her car to the local grocery shop and parked it, only to wake up inside it in the morning. She said she was dreaming of driving her car and did not realize she was actually doing it.


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3Today’s story

Today we have the story of a woman who dreamt about swallowing her engagement ring while she was sleeping. But, then when she woke up in the morning it was gone. Thankfully she recalled her dream and acted fast and was able to find her ring and even save her life. Things could’ve gone horribly bad if she hadn’t stayed calm and recollected her thoughts.


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4The viral story

The woman in question here is Jenna Evans who had a wild dream about her future husband telling her to swallow her engagement ring in order to protect it. And in the dream she did it. Then the next day when she woke up in the morning she found it gone off her finger.


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5Who is Jenna Evans?

Jenna is an account manager for Crown Point Systems which is a small business in San Diego. Before getting into this line of work she was pursuing a career in fashion and she majored in apparel design at Wade College in Texas. She has a happy job and personal life.


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