Woman Dies Within A Month From Flesh Eating Bacteria After Eating Raw Oysters

8Fatal flesh-eating wounds that can be cured only through amputation


Vibrio is a potentially fatal disease and it takes a person in incredible health and heightened immunity to have some chance against it. It can create open wounds to the point of eating up an arm or leg.

Fatal flesh-eating wounds

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9How is Vibrio present in oysters?

There is much information one can find in the CDC website about the association between vibrio and oysters. Vibrio bacteria occur naturally in coastal waters where oysters are found. It can also occur in concentrated form in oyster because of the filter function of an oyster which draws in water. This makes other materials like bacteria remain back in the oyster’s body. When eating raw oysters that contain bacteria, one can get infected with Vibriosis.

Vibriosis causes about 80,000 infections and 100 deaths in the USA each year. With most attacks occurring in between May and October when temperatures are higher.

Vibrio present in oysters

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10Symptoms of vibriosis?

A typical Vibrio infection acquired from raw oysters will cause diarrhea, abdominal cramps, fever, chills and vomiting as the first symptoms of the disease. Thereafter victims of Vibrio vulnificus as the infection is called will get really sick as the bacteria enter the bloodstream. Severe blistering lesions will be formed on the skin that can actually eat away flesh resulting in amputation.


However one needs to understand that severe Vibrio infections are also rare and usually attacks people with weakened immunity. The risk of skin infection is higher when the patient has an open wound or if an open wound is exposed to brackish water.

Symptoms of vibriosis

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11Where is Vibrio Vulnificus Found?

Vibrio Vulnificus is not a result of environmental pollution and is usually found is waters that have been approved for clam or oyster harvesting. It will also not change the appearance or taste of the clams and oysters. Osiers and clams are usually found in warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and in warm weather.

Vibrio Vulnificus Found

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