Woman Dies Within A Month From Flesh Eating Bacteria After Eating Raw Oysters

4Her rashes developed into wounds

Leblanc’s rashes sound turned to open wounds that would not heal. It took her 21 days of painful suffering trying to fight against the infection. Said Bowers “I can’t even imagine going through that for 21 days, much less a day. Most people don’t last.”

rashes developed into wounds

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5She fought for her life but to no avail

LeBlanc could not recover for the infection and died on October 15th 2017. Berquist commented saying that had they known about such risks, they would not have eaten the oysters. This is exactly the main problem where it takes such tragic incidents to attract people’s attention to such fatal risks.

LeBlanc could not recover for the infection

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6Several government bodies issue health warnings against raw oysters and clams

The fact that there are health guidelines issued by public bodies like the CDC, FDA and food safety don’t really make much impact simply because people aren’t accustomed to visiting government sites for what many may constitute as boring content. But!! Such information can well save your life.

warnings against raw oysters

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7 Her partner and friends are now raising awareness against consumption of raw seafood

Bergquist said “She was bigger than life,” Bergquist said. “She was a great person, laughed a lot, loved her family, and loved her dad.”

awareness against consumption of raw seafood

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