Woman Dies Within A Month From Flesh Eating Bacteria After Eating Raw Oysters


Raw oysters are considered a delicacy by many however; it actually goes against the advisories on health that does not advocate eating raw anything raw especially fish and meat. Why would someone subject themselves to a fatal health risk just to experience an exotic or unusual way of consuming food? Jeanette Le Blanc was unfortunate enough to find out the most fatal way possible when the Texas woman ate raw oysters bought on the east coast. Within days she was dead!!

1She contracted a dangerous disease

Texas residents Vicki Bergquist and wife Jeanette Le Blanc went crabbing with friends when visiting family in Louisiana. After crabbing, they stopped off at a market in Westwego and purchased raw oysters. Rather than eat them any other way Leblanc decided to eat them raw consuming in less than two dozen oysters. LeBlanc did exactly what dozens of health portals including the CDC advises against as you will find out why. Within days she contracted a dangerous disease.

Vicki Bergquist

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2LeBlanc contracted Vibrio infection from dangerous bacteria found in oysters

Within 36 hours LeBlanc started experiencing the respiratory problem with rashes on her leg and body. Karen Bowers a friend said it was a horrible allergic reaction which is what everyone thought. No one even realized how fatal it was to become.

Vibrio infection

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3Her condition worsened in 48 hours

When Jeanette consulted a doctor, she was immediately diagnosed with Vibrio, a deadly form of bacterial infection. Vibrio is a deadly flesh-eating bacteria. According to the CDC (center for disease control and prevention), a victim can get infected with Vibrio after eating raw or even undercooked shellfish and by exposing any wound to brackish water.

Jeanette consulted a doctor

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