Woman complained of headache and doctors found something disgusting in her brain

Medicine is a field in which we get to see many miracles and even some very weird cases that have shocked medical professionals with decades of experience under them. We have for you one such interesting case which will not only shock you, but will also warn you against eating uncooked or undercooked meat at unknown places. Read for yourself how this woman suffered from headaches for a year and what doctors found in her brain, shocked them.


1 The woman and her headaches

31 year old mom Yadira Rostro from Texas was leading the normal life, looking after her family including her children. But for the past year or so, she had been suffering from massive headaches. These headaches caused so much pain to her, that she used to blackout. She also suffered from problem in seeing. Her sight was impaired to such a level that she couldn’t see at all at one point. “I started having headaches several times. Sometimes my sight was impaired and I could not see properly,” said Rostro while speaking to a news agency. Neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Meyrat did a scan of her head and brain and the scan revealed something horrifying and life threatening. The doctors were shocked to find out that a parasite by the name of tapeworm was living in her brain. Continue reading what the parasite is and how Yadira was saved.

 The woman and her headaches

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2 What are Tapeworms and how are they harmful?

Tapeworms are long, flat worms that usually live in the intestines of some animals. Usually these worms or its larvae live in contaminated water or grass and animals pick them up when they graze on this grass or drink from such source of water. These worms enter the intestines of the animals and continue to thrive, sucking the nutrients from the animal’s diet and thriving. Humans can get infected with these worms, if they eat an undercooked or raw meal consisting of an animal which was infected by these worms. Mainly six types of tapeworm infect humans, for example Taenia saginata from beef, Taenia solium from pork, and Diphyllobothrium latum from fish. Tapeworm cause severe weight loss, nausea, stomach pain, hunger or loss of appetite in humans. These worms are found in the stools of human and are treated by oral medicine or surgery if they are blocking the intestines. However in Yodira’s case, her life was under danger as the worms reached her brain. Read on to find out what happened during surgery.

beef tapeworm

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3 How and when she picked up the parasite?

Yodira had undertaken a trip to Mexico 2 years back and probably picked up the parasite during her stay in Mexico. The tapeworm made its way through the bloodstream to the brain and had laid eggs, instead of passing through her system, as it should have happened. The growth of eggs in her brain caused fluid buildup and this caused her headaches. The surgeons removed eight tapeworm eggs from her brain stem and also removed living parasites from her brain and her eyesight was restored which was impaired due to the tapeworms in her brain. The doctors admitted that they were shocked, Dr Meyrat said,” It shocked me; it was certainly out of the ordinary, something I had not seen in a very long time, but I’m glad we got to her in time and could save her life. The patient is doing very well and should not have any long-term effects from this.” Yadira is supposed to recover in full after her surgery and be fit to do all her daily work without any more problems.




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