A Woman Complained About Shoe Pain Whole Night Without Realizing That She Was Wearing Them On Wrong Foot

11Lower back pain

Wearing heels can be pretty harmful for lower back as while walking or standing the pelvis is pushed forward and huge pressure is applied on the lower back which results in continuous pain. If a female suffers from lower back pain, she should avoid wearing high heels.


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12Joint pain

There is no shock absorption in the high heels like other shoes and it is also difficult to rotate while walking in heels and because of this, there may be pain in joints. Not only this, it can also result in developing symptoms of arthritis.


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13Shortening of Achilles Tendon

One of the most serious concerns for those who wear high heels regularly as their Achilles tendon can be shortened because of it. Heels can bring a physical change in the muscles and tendons that are near the ankles. In simple words, it may cause pain when a female has to walk barefoot or in shoes without heels.


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14Sprained ankles

When a female wears shoes or flat sandals, her weight is evenly distributed on her foot but it is not the case in high heels. In high heels, the ankles have to bear an extra pressure but as they are not meant for such type of pressure, pain or sprain in ankles is experienced by the female.


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15The hardening of skin or calluses

When a person forces herself to wear shoes which are tight, pressure is experienced by the feet and toes on the sides and it results in hardening of skin because of the rubbing and pushing that happens several times. The hard skin of the feet can remain hidden in winters but in summer season it is difficult to hide calluses.


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