Woman Clicks Photos Of London’s Most Beautiful Front Doors and They Are Simply Breathtaking

11Pretty simple but still unique

There is nothing special in this door as it not only looks old but its color has also faded. However, the manner in which it has been outlined by the flowers makes it look unique and extraordinary. This conveys one thing very clearly which is that flowers can be of great help when the overall look of the area has to be increased.

Image Source: fhox.com.br

12Once again white and blue combination

The white and blue combination of this door and wall is startling and once again the flowers are playing an important role in beautifying the location. It seems that people in London are quite fond of growing creeping plants, especially near the door.

Image Source: tiredbee.com

13Now that is a match

If you look at the color and design of the door, then there is nothing special about it but one thing that keeps it apart from other doors is the fact that it is of the same color as flowers around it. The locality seems to be very peaceful and there is a lot of greenery in the area which makes it suitable for an evening walk as well.

Image Source: tiredbee.com

14Old architecture but new look

The architecture of the building seems to be old and the color of the complete building is also same, which doesn’t leave us with much to think about it.  However, the flowers are multicolored and they have taken the beauty of the area to the next level.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

15The town of Eton

This photo is of one of the most beautiful buildings of London as it is of a building of Eton. It is a boarding school and as per Bella, it is one of the most magical places that she has visited. The color of the door is black which we don’t see usually in homes, etc, but it may be prevalent in hostels.


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