Wolfsburg’s Exhausting Affair, Emission Scandal of Volkswagen Rocks its Home City


The emission scandal of Volkswagen shocked all of us and more so, the millions of Volkswagen employees all over the world. But absolutely nothing can compare to what the residents of Wolfsburg have gone through. In 1930s, Hitler wanted to launch an affordable range of automobiles for common people; Volkswagen or ‘people’s car’ came into existence and with that its main headquarters and factory was built 200 km west of Berlin, which resulted in the city of Wolfsburg.

The city that has been standing on the strong base of Volkswagen since 1938 has been completely shaken and is now gripped with uncertainty, anger and fear. Wolfsburg’s future is currently as oblivious as the future of the company itself. The ‘Exhaust Affair’ of Volkswagen has certainly been very exhausting on the residents of the city.

1 Wolfsburg, all about Volkswagen

To understand the intensity of the scam’s effect on Wolfsburg, we must first understand what Volkswagen means to the city. There is no city that is as dependent on a company as Wolfsburg. Volkswagen is the largest taxpayer and employer of the city that houses 120,000 people, not to forget the VW Arena where Champions’ League football is played.


The VW Company is more than just a huge factory as they have contributed so much into banking, education, health and even the VW special sausages. The Autostadt or the car city attracts two million people every year and has become one of the main tourist spots.

Wolfsburg, all about Volkswagen

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