Witness the beauty of the Animal kingdom with 10 of the most amazing wildlife photographs of the world

Wildlife can be incredible and amazing. While many of us would never have the opportunity to view exotic animals or even come up close to the wildlife, there are those with the passion for photography who will take risks of any length for that perfect shot. Here are 10 most amazing wildlife photographs which help us in appreciating the spectacular beauty of wild animals in their natural habitat.


1 Osprey. Brad Lenears

Brad Lenears photo entry for the National Geographic wildlife photo completion in 2013 is simply awesome. The photographer captured the movement and attack of the osprey at precisely the right moment which shows how much effort may have gone in waiting for this perfect shot.

Osprey. Brad Lenears

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com


2 Gentoo Penguins. Richard Sidey

This photograph was taken by famous wildlife photographer Richard Sidey and was also an entry in the same contest. Gentoo penguins are native to Antarctica and his shot of these two young chicks is simply remarkable and cute given the proximity of the camera to these cute creatures.

Gentoo Chicks

Image Source: www.richardsidey.com


3 Ruffs during Mating Displays. Ondrej Pelanek

Believe it or not, this photograph was taken by a young Czech below 14 years of age. Ondrej Pelanek was declared the wildlife photographer of the year in 2015. His shot of these male ruffs during the breeding season in Norway’s Varanger Peninsula is worthy of international acclaim

Ruffs during Mating Displays. Ondrej Pelanek

Image Source: www.theguardian.com


4 Blue Whale. Michael Bryde

Among the most amazing wildlife photographs, this underwater shot of a blue sperm whale is totally incredible. Taken by Michael Bryde, it was also adjudged a winner and the photographer was proclaimed as one of the wildlife photographers of the year 2015.

Blue Whale. Michael Bryde

Image Source: ww.theguardian.com


5 Cheetahs. Stephen Earle

Stephen Earle proclaims he is an amateur photographer, but he has taken some stunning shots along the White River in South Africa. Earle is an attorney by day and practicesphotography in his spare time. His photos have been published in leading wildlife magazines; this particular shot of a cheetah has achieved acclaim in photographic circles worldwide.

Cheetahs. Stephen Earle

Image Source: www.bypost.com


6 Siberian Tiger in Snow.Jonathan Griffiths

This close-up shot of a Siberian Tiger in the snow proves that photographers can go any lengths to achieve that perfect shot. The photo of this magnificent Tiger in the snow is one of the best examples of amazing wildlife photography. This was taken by wildlife photographer Jonathan Griffiths whose close-ups of animals are well known across the internet.

Siberian Tiger in Snow.Jonathan Griffiths

Image Source: www.blogspot.com


7 Grizzly Bear. Jonathan Griffiths

Who would ever want to meet a grizzly up this close? Well this is another of Jonathan Griffiths’ close up shots which is quite famous for its imposing action. A close-up shot of this grizzly bear standing on its hind legs is almost too incredible to be true.This particular shot was taken in a Montana Wildlife Reserve where Jonathan stayed in a log cabin for quite some time. How close would you need to get to acquire such a picture? Can’t even think about it, without being scared! A remarkable and amazing photograph indeed!

Grizzly Bear. Jonathan Griffiths

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


8 Elephants in Botswana. Steve Bloom

Photographer Steve Bloom has captured Elephants in stunning displays of different poses, emotions and activity. His photo shoot in Botswana yielded some great shots of the magnificent African Elephant in all its glory. Compiling his experiences together in a book titled ‘Elephant’, Steve Blooms provides us a different take on the Elephants. This photograph is a fine example of his works.

Elephants in Botswana. Steve Bloom

Image Source: www.prophotorev.com

9 Octopus Underwater. John Hurst

Can any wildlife photograph be as amazing as this one? Imagine the time spent tracking and scouring the reef for the presence of an octopus. John Hurst’s picture has truly captured the spirit of the wild not only existing in jungle plains but in coral reefs and the sea as well.

 Octopus Underwater. John Hurst

Image Source: www.airows.com

10 Tiger and Baby Monkey

This photograph by famous wildlife photographer Indre Viseckaite clearly proves that there are heartbreaking moments in the wild too. Animals do have a compassionate side and this proves it. In what could be regarded as top spot among amazing wildlife photographs, the shot of an old and ailing tiger with a baby monkey patting its head is heartwarming, being a reflection of the compassion animals have towards each other.

Tiger and Baby Monkey

Image Source: www.airows.com


Take a look at these amazing photographers who would again to any lengths to have the perfect shot!


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