Witchdoctor says their body parts bring “Luck”, Now they are hunted down like animals to be sold

In Tanzania, Albinism isn’t just a hereditary condition in the skin, but also a part of a potion making. Because of the belief of the witch doctors, that their body parts may bring wealth or luck to a person, they are now being hunt down and from then, their body parts become in demand amounting to a lot of money. The so-called-hunters are mutilating the albinos, murdering them and getting their whole body which costs 50,000 pounds. These hunting of the albinos is now on and their safety in this world is very little.


1 The Victims

These harmless albinos are now shouting for their rights. Even in their family, these albinos aren’t safe. There are several reports that even their spouses or relatives are chopping off their albino relative’s limbs off, which is a bad thing and alarming case that are being reported to the United Nations. Money is the main reason for them, if it isn’t for the money costing their body, they wouldn’t be mutilated and be murdered. It’s really depressing that even the parents of these albinos are behind these attack on them.

The Victims

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2 Naive Albinos

This girl is one of those whose arm is amputated on the attack in Tanzania, she is just one of the albinos that is hiding and now seeking for protection for their government that seems so ignorant about their condition in the country. Nearing the election in their country, these politicians want luck and so much wealth in their life, so these albinos are hiding in their homes. It is frightening for them to be once more abducted and lose one of their body part in exchange of selfless reason.

Naïve Albinos

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3 Who are behind these hunt?

It is for the purpose of being wealthy and to have a good luck in their life. Albinos didn’t want to chopped down helplessly. An albino activist is on the process of tracking down who would like to hunt them down, or who is behind these hunt? Witch doctors said that those who are buying the potions are mostly wealthy and successful. Some says that there are the politicians who want to be lucky on their career and on elections. Whoever is on this hunt, it should stop believing on this belief because it’s not true.

Who are behind these hunt

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4 Where are these survivors now?

These albinos are now kept in an establishment with secured walls and railings to be secured with the men who are hunting them down. Because of the unexpected increase of the murdered albinos, they are secured and often isolated among other people in Tanzania just like prisoners. Some of them want their rights but they can’t be free now because of their danger in the society. Albino children are suppressed by their freedom, since they are hidden in these establishments and being deprived of the education which are unjust for them.

Where are these survivors now

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5 Shouting for their right

Mostly in the camps, Albinos want to live in the community just like other people. As a human being, they do have rights that they should be experiencing but because there are some reports that they are still being hunted and some witch doctors eagerly want them to be chopped down and be paid by these customers of theirs who offered a lot of money once these potions has been completed. Some of them want to be educated and live just like other people, the government hasn’t yet provided solutions for these albino killings but they are securing these albino people and tracking down through the witch doctors who are behind this hunt. The Tanzanian government didn’t want to jump into conclusions and arrest these witch doctors unless they have sufficient evidence to support this case.

Shouting for their right

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6 Making it clear

One of the albinos are spreading the word to the people in the community to explain that these belief isn’t true. They’re just human beings just like others and there’s no luck in their body parts, it just they have this genetic condition that is rare and hereditary. It is unjust to hunt them down and do inhumane things unto them. They are not animals and their body parts shouldn’t be also chopped off and added to a certain potion that is false. Because of their condition, they are isolated now which they shouldn’t be experiencing, they should have their own rights also just like other races.

Making it clear

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7 Their Condition

Because of this superstitious belief that they are believing until the 20th century, children are not only suffering from the albinism disease, but also they suffer from the frightening search and hunt for their body parts. Like prisoners in a cell is what you can describe to these albino people that are being closed in an area and kept away from the hunters that are still continuously hunting them. Though the United Nations are raising awareness to these albinos, the reports on killing them are still high and continue to increase. But mostly, the children have higher demands since they are naive and innocent, a sign that they are perfectly fit for the witchcraft potion.

Their Condition

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8 In the future

Because of the hunt of the albinos, it is now feared that these albinos were to be extinct and would eventually disappear if this hunt continues. Awareness and raising the albino’s rights is what they are needing right now. A support group that would serve their needs physically and emotionally. Family should be also on their side at most times and shouldn’t join the hunt in killing them.

In the future

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9 The take of Tanzanian Government

To end the killings of the albinos, the Tanzanian government is keeping them safe from hunters that might kill them by sheltering them in special habitats made for them. They are also banning the witchdoctors and other people who believe to want the body parts of the albinos. The government has also provided a task force in finding some of the missing albinos and tracking the kidnappers who are responsible for this crime.

 The take of Tanzanian Government

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