Witchdoctor says their body parts bring “Luck”, Now they are hunted down like animals to be sold

In Tanzania, Albinism isn’t just a hereditary condition in the skin, but also a part of a potion making. Because of the belief of the witch doctors, that their body parts may bring wealth or luck to a person, they are now being hunt down and from then, their body parts become in demand amounting to a lot of money. The so-called-hunters are mutilating the albinos, murdering them and getting their whole body which costs 50,000 pounds. These hunting of the albinos is now on and their safety in this world is very little.

1 The Victims

These harmless albinos are now shouting for their rights. Even in their family, these albinos aren’t safe. There are several reports that even their spouses or relatives are chopping off their albino relative’s limbs off, which is a bad thing and alarming case that are being reported to the United Nations. Money is the main reason for them, if it isn’t for the money costing their body, they wouldn’t be mutilated and be murdered. It’s really depressing that even the parents of these albinos are behind these attack on them.

The Victims

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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