Will Americans wake up to the ravages of climate change?

Climate change has been one ravaging effect that mankind has been pulled into of late. From melting poles, to overflowing seas, to climactic fluctuations, we have seen that climate change can indeed be unnerving. Scientists are gradually piecing together a direct link between extreme events of the weather and climate change of late.


A report from the American Meteorological Society revealed that climate change was the crux that led to events such as tropical cyclones in Hawaii, heat waves found in Argentina, China and South Korea as well as excess rains in the south of France. While a number of weather events could be a result of natural fluctuations in cycles, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change believes that these could also be a result of climate change. The latter actually causes a rise in the severity and the occurrence of droughts, rain spells and severe destructive winds.

1 What The Americans Actually Think About Climate Change?

However, all these climatic changes seem to leave Americans least bothered. While the country knows that the way Americans live might be responsible for causing climate change, yet nobody is willing to accept this as a hard fact. Of late, it is anticipated that with time, such a lax attitude can see changes. For now, no matter what climate change one may see, the average American is not as concerned about it, as should be the case.


Advocates of climate change are opining that extremities in weather will enhance the demand for action against practices or phenomenon such as emission of greenhouse gases. There is a chance that public opinions and propaganda will soon be directed towards creating laws that will help the country focus on the building of resilience to climate change and its ghastly effects. This can begin with building stronger structures in cities that are prone to see devastating onslaughts of nature.

 What The Americans Actually Think About Climate Change?

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In USA this kind of thought process has gradually started raising it’s head since Superstorm Sandy struck in 2012. Americans have at least started believing and understanding that climate change can mess up the pattern of weather too. In a study conducted in 2013, it has been seen that about 60 per cent Americans believe that global warming is actually causing weather-based changes in their country. Then again, some experts believe that the impact of climate change is not enough to make the average American realize the true results.

2 Weighing The Essentials About Climate Change Concerns

It is tough to create parameters that help you directly learn as to how the opinion you have on whether changes is related to climate change. Therefore, in the scenario such as this, research becomes doubly challenging. Scholars engaged in the study are trying their best to know if people more exposed to sharp climate change will actually be better prone to understanding the real impact.


On the other hand, it is essential to know that the views on climate change that Americans have are often formulated on the basis of their political attitudes and belief systems. For example, in case you compare two different people who have experienced similar weather issues with somebody who has experienced more, then the level of concern about climate change is not that varied. However, when you compare the concern about climate change that a Democrat has and weigh it against the same a Republican has, the difference in concern stands at around 20 per cent.

Weighing The Essentials About Climate Change Concerns

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3 Adaption Needs Action

Adapting and making peace with climate change is actually a problem that needs collated action. There stands no way that enhanced concerns will actually put enhanced pressure on the administration. Americans might not necessarily engage in an action plan against climate change—in the current situation!

Adaption Needs Action

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