He thought he too would be in heaven with his wife, but she tells him this instead

As jokes go, this is one hilarious situation at the pearly gates which we felt we must share with you. They say hell hath no fury than a woman scorned, well this woman wasn’t exactly scorned but she acted the same anyway. She just damned her husband to hell . Read what happens when a husband reunites with wife in heaven.


This is what happened. A woman dies and goes to heaven. After being terminally ill for a long time she died and then found herself outside the Pearly gates. When she looks inside, she recognized several people and friends whom she knew from earth. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. They were laughing and happy. Just then St Peter appears and she asks him.

1 She meets St Peter and starts to ask him about heaven

She meets St Peter


2 So she goes to heaven

The woman is happy and extremely comfortable in heaven; In fact she loves it but misses her husband. She wonders what he is upto and how he could be getting along without her. Who will make his meals, sit with him, talk to him.

To combat her emotions she asks St Peter for work so she could be useful. She asks st peter to make her his helper so she too like others could welcome all the new comers to heaven, she would be an usher for the Pearly gates. Well, St Peter agrees.

So she goes to heaven

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3 Imagine her surprise one day when who should arrive at the Pearly gates but her Husband

“Darling! I thought you’d never get here,” she says in greeting. “I have missed you so much…tell me, what have you been doing all this time? Was life hard for you after I left?”


Her husband replied:

Pearly gates


When The Husband reunites with his wife in heaven and thought they would be together but the woman looked at him; she smiled ever so sweetly, and says:



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