Here’s why you should think twice before using lime in drinks, the reason is absolutely shocking!


Have you ever had a Margarita Burn? If you haven’t then don’t even wish for it because it is really nasty and the most surprising fact of the cause for such a burn is nothing but that simple lime you squeeze in your Margarita!!! Shocked? Well believe it or not a margarita, fresh lime and the sun can be a deadly combination as one poor bartender found out to his horror.

Justin Fehntrich suffered second degree burns while serving Margaritas to customers outdoors. Limes may be beneficial to health no doubt, but this is one way they should never be used.

1 2nd degree burns from caused by something he least expected

Justin Fehntrich was serving drinks at an LGBT fund raiser in Fire Island. While preparing drinks for the event he had to squeeze about 100 limes. Little did he realise that his actions would send him to hospital with 2nd degree nasty burns on his hands that erupted in blisters.


Doctors attributed the burns to Phyophotodermatitis. And!!! This is most commonly known as the Margarita Burn.

2nd degree burns

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