The most amazing reason why you should change the frequency of your music to 432 Hz

According to Einstein, matter is actually energy in the lowest possible vibration so that it becomes perceptible to our senses. Nikola Tesla also believed the same reflective in his quote “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Science proved both right where everything in this universe is made up of energy that vibrates in different frequencies.

If we are all nothing but energy, isn’t it safe to say that energy vibrations and varying frequencies can affects us in some ways? That’s a logical way of thought. The best possible experiment to prove how frequencies affect the physical world is through the science of Cymatics and water memory. It also proves why you should change the frequency of your music to benefit you.

1 What is Cymatics

Cymatics tries to prove that sound frequencies travelling through physical matter has the ability to change the vibrating frequency of that matter. Research by Doctor Masaru Emoto has also proven how intentions routed through sounds; emotions and thoughts can have an impact on the crystallization of water.


Our bodies consist of 70% water. This is why musical frequencies can influence and alter the frequency at which human physiology vibrates. Every single expression has a specific frequency that in turn influences everything else around it. The images below indicate how certain melodies crystallize water.

What is Cymatics

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