Why Positioning Coronavirus Patients Onto Their Stomachs Is Proving Effective in Saving Lives

April 15th 2020, 2,000,995 cases of confirmed coronavirus and counting. 126,783 people have lost their lives. The coronavirus curve doesn’t look anywhere near flattening but what is positive about this pandemic is that doctors, researchers and scientists are learning more about it every day. Knowledge is by far the best weapon against the coronavirus and doctors are learning new methods and disease management that is proving somewhat effective to some extent. Even if there is no solid cure as yet, at least such methods to which patients respond positively will ensure patients are given some fighting chance against the more severe complications of the disease.


1Positioning Coronavirus patients on their stomachs is saving lives

That being said, doctors have found that turning seriously affected patients on their stomachs is actually saving lives. It is making a difference in a critical situation if a patient takes a turn for the worse. Healthcare workers have actually found that flipping COVID-19 patients on their stomachs or placing them in the prone position is effective in keeping them alive in intensive care according to a report in CNN.

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2How one patient’s critical condition improved?

Said Doctor Mangala Narasimhan, regional director of Northwell Health in New York told reporters that “We’re saving lives with this, one hundred percent, it’s such a simple thing to do, and we’ve seen remarkable improvement. We can see it for every single patient.” The revelation came to the doctor out of a spontaneous reaction when on Friday he received an emergency call informing her of a 40-year-old man with COVID 19 who was in the ITU of the Long Island Jewish Hospital and who had taken bad. Her colleague wanted her advice on whether he should be placed on life support when Dr. Mangala advised to flip him on his stomach. It actually worked. The doctor also explained why it worked.

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3Placing patients on their stomach opens up parts of their lungs

By placing a patient on their stomach, more oxygen enters their lungs. Doctors found that when they placed the more severe coronavirus patients on their stomach or prone positioning, it increases the amount of oxygen getting into the lungs. Explaining further, Kathryn Hibbert, director of the medical ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital said: “By putting them on their stomachs, we’re opening up parts of the lung that weren’t open before.” Once you see it work, you want to do it more, and you see it work almost immediately,” added Dr. Kathryn Hibbert, director of the medical ICU at Massachusetts General Hospital.

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