Why on earth do ghosts love Great Britain!

Ghosts are everywhere and in every town there are certain areas that are deemed haunted such as buildings, mausoleums, hotels and houses. Stories related to these haunted places pass from one generation to another. Among all other places, Great Britain is believed to be most favoured by ghosts and spirits. Having around a hundred of known haunted places, I think it is safe to say that ghosts love Great Britain. There are many locations in Great Britain where people experience inexplicable supernatural incidents. These incidents happen again and again as if the ghosts and spirits demand to be recalled and recognized. These supernatural incidents frequently revolve around old buildings and other ancient locales. Let us experience hands-on spirituality with hands-on history as well, as if these ghost legends have something to teach us about our own past, and certainly about our future beyond the grave.

There are more than a thousand such locations in Great Britain, but few are really popular among tourists and its people. Some people visit these places only in the hope to witness and experience these ghost legends.

1 Denham Church

Denham church is located in a small village in Suffolk. The Denham church and hall, including its surrounding areas, witnessed many paranormal activities over the years. There are about eleven identified ghosts around the church and hall: a monk’s ghost who walks on an old footpath; a lady ghost walking over a bridge; and a ghostly lady who walks out of the main gate whenever someone attempts to get in. A misty floating figure with red, evil-looking eyes can also be seen in the premises. Two other ghostly ladies wearing Victorian clothes were also seen walking the gardens.

Denham Church

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