Have you ever wondered why there is a loop on the back of your shirt? Here is the reason

Fashion has given us many inventions that have saved lots of time on many things related to clothing. Most of the inventions are actually useful to us and can help us in times of emergency, while others are there for pure cosmetic reasons. Though, fashion has evolved tenfold since the prehistoric man wore the first leaf to hide its nether regions and people of Greece wrapped themselves in sheets, something have been left as a reminder of the past on our clothes that may come in handy to us in present and one of such things is the loop on the back of the shirt, mostly men’s shirts. We have the reason why these loops are there in the first place and what they do to help us?

1 The shirt and the loop behind the shirt

Men’s shirt is a lot different from women’s. The history of a garment worn on the upper body goes back to 3000 BC which gave us a linen shirt that was highly sophisticated and luxurious. It was found in the tomb of First Egyptian Dynasty at Tarkan. In the middle ages, it was a garment worn under regular garments and was used as undergarment. But by the 1900s, wearing just a shirt became a fashion and there were lots of different types of shirts. But in the modern era, there has been one thing peculiar in all the men’s shirts. They seem to have a loop on the back of the shirts for some reason. We did a little digging and came up with the real reason.

loop behind the shirt

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