Why Is Coronavirus Affecting More Adults Than Children?

11One hypothesis is

According to Dr. Andrew Pavia, the immune response to pathogens is way more active in children than in adults which can be the reason why they are not being as heavily affected as their adult parents. They have also linked this to the power of a child’s innate immune system.

One hypothesis is

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12What is the innate immune system?

The innate immune system is the first line of defense against pathogens. These are the cells that respond immediately to foreign invaders. According to doctors, these cells are way more active in young children who are having their first experience with all the elements around them. But, as we grow older this system gets weaker.

What is the innate immune system?

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13It’s all thanks to a robust immune system

Most doctors talking about this pattern are blaming aging and a deteriorating immune system to be the reason why most adults are being affected by the coronavirus instead of children. Even checking the first reports of the outbreak show that there were no affected children under the age of 15.

It’s all thanks to a robust immune system

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14This was seen before

This pattern of children not being affected by the outbreak of a virus was seen once before during the 2003 outbreak of SARS. During this time over 8,000 people were affected and over 800 were killed. This was over the span of 9 long months. Here too it was noticed that the majority of people getting infected were adults and not children.

This was seen before

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15The efforts now

Since the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, many research institutes have joined forces in an effort to find a vaccine or cure. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention is developing a vaccine while the University of Hong Kong has also announced that a vaccine is under development. Other countries have also stepped in to help in finding a cure before the number of affected increases even more.

The efforts now

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