Why Is Coronavirus Affecting More Adults Than Children?

2020 started off with the spread and fear of a new pandemic called the coronavirus. It began in China and before January of the New Year ended it had traveled past the oceans to another continent. This was such a shock to many countries especially China which is the point of its origin that a Public Health Emergency of International Concern was called due to it.


Currently, there still is no vaccine or cure and the only possible actions doctors are taking is to quarantine the infected and treat them. But, in all of this they began noticing something about the infected people, it was their age.

1What is the coronavirus?

2020 saw the outbreak of the coronavirus that has already affected 60,000 people and caused the deaths of 1300. It is still raging as of February 2020 with no signs of slowing down as the world’s top scientists are trying their very best to find a cure or a means of stopping the spread.

What is the coronavirus?

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2How did it begin?

The outbreak was first noticed when 41 people developed pneumonia without a clear cause. This happened in Wuhan which is the capital of Hubei province in China. Before authorities could declare an emergency the spread had already begun as the coronavirus is capable of human-to-human transmission. As of the second week of February 2020, there have been over 60,000 official cases.

How did it begin?

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3What are the symptoms?

The symptoms of the coronavirus include fever, coughing, shortness of breath, pain in the muscles and tiredness as the disease continues to inhabit the body the host can develop pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, sepsis, and septic shock, and possible death. There are no vaccines available as there isn’t that much data available on the virus.

What are the symptoms?

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4Doctors noticed a pattern

While the hospitals are over flooded with patients showing symptoms of the coronavirus there is one thing that was noticed. All the people being affected are adults. There are very few cases of children affected with the virus. This has started a debate as to why this virus is not affecting the young ones who naturally have a weaker immune system.

Doctors noticed a pattern

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5What do reports say?

According to the official medical reports the majority of patients of this sickness range from 49 years to 56 years. When it comes to the number of children affected the doctors say that it is quite rare. This was an intriguing fact to discover which made the doctors researching the virus retrace their steps to see if they missed anything.

What do reports say?

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