Every wondered why your alarm on iPhone only lets you snooze for 9 minutes? Well here is the answer

For all the sleepy heads of the world, the snooze button is nothing less than a boon from the gods of clock making. This little nifty feature lets people sleep for 5 minutes extra by letting them delay their alarm clocks for 5 more minutes (it can be more). That habit of getting the beauty sleep by constantly snoozing the alarm clock has been in the world since 1950s and it has been carried forward to the 21st century as well. But have you ever noticed that the mechanical, electronic and even your iPhone alarm clocks only lets you snooze the alarm for the maximum of 9 minutes at a time. We have the answer for you.


1 What is snoozing?

We all love out sleep and despite putting an alarm to wake us up at particular time; most people always hit the snooze button to get some extra sleep in before they actually have to wake up to their day of work. You would be interested to know that the concept of snoozing didn’t exist before the 1950s and people weren’t as lazy as they are now. However when the snoozing was introduced in the mechanical clocks for the first time in 1950s, the engineers who made the clocks of those time had to add an extra gear for the snooze function to work, since the mechanical clocks of the time worked all on gears and nuts and bolts. In these gears lies the answer to why most clocks, whether mechanical, electronic or even your iPhone alarm clock only snoozes for 9 minutes. Click to reveal the answer.



2 Why the iPhone alarm clock snoozes for 9 minutes only?

When the engineers introduced the function of snooze in the mechanical clocks, they did it by introducing a self contained gear that was synced to react with the hour hand. They had to give the snooze button some time and thanks to the working of the clocks, they had to aim for a time period of less than 10 minutes and they settled on 9 minutes. And when the electronic clocks were introduced, this 9 minute time period stuck with them as well, since they had become the industry standard and the same practice is carried forward to the cell phone alarm clocks. This is why you iPhone only snoozes for 9 minutes.

Why the iPhone alarm clock snoozes for 9

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