Why do earthquakes occur? Not a mystery, believe me!

4 Man-made Earthquakes

Earthquakes are nature’s curse to man, but human beings do not just end with this, they themselves dig a pit for them.

Dams: We all know that the mass of water is dense than air. When the dam’s basin is being filled with water, the shell of the earth experiences a pressure, thereby creating an earthquake. Ex: The Hoover Dam faces hundreds of tremors every time.

Disposing deadly waste into the ground: The US Army dug a 12,000 foot well and abandoned the toxic waste into the ground. The Army would have deposited around 165 million gallons of toxic waste this way. Regrettably, this method, prompted earthquake in the nearby region and the operation was forced to be closed down.

Coal Mines: There are a lot of coal mines around the world that pull a lot of fuel out of the earth. The coal mines, usually drain out water besides coal, at times, the level of water extracted is much more than coal. This increases the chance of earthquake in the regions.


Inappropriate Buildings: A land can bear only a certain amount of weight and when it cannot bear it, it erupts as earthquakes. When a lot of buildings come up in an area, at times, the land might not be able to bear it.

Man-made Earthquakes

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