Why do earthquakes occur? Not a mystery, believe me!

3 How do we know that a tremor is approaching?

Seismograph is used to record the movements that take place under the ground. This instrument reveals about the power and swiftness of the energy moving from the threshold underneath. This helps in predicting an occurrence.
Top 3 places where Earthquakes could hit next

How do we know that a tremor is approaching

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All the areas of the Earth are prone to Earthquakes, but there are few spots where Earthquakes are habitual and anticipated to cause great ruins.



This is the capital of Iran. The city of Tehran is growing briskly with a lot of magnificent buildings. The Iranian officials have created financial reserves for 5 million Iranian people to leave the city if the tremor hits the city. Tehran is expected to face a magnitude of 6.0 or an even greater Earthquake in the upcoming years and the devastation is also anticipated to be huge, because of the location of the city and the poor construction yardsticks.


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Turkey is habitual to fatal earthquakes. Over 100,000 have departed their lives in the earthquakes in past. Even today, the risk still exists. The constructions in the city have not met the construction norms. The city is likely to face a magnitude of 7.0 by the year 2030.


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Los Angeles:

This city has a lot of resources, devoted to avert the disaster. Los Angeles might experience a magnitude of 6.7 by the year 2038. The city faced an earthquake in the year 1994, which killed around 57 people and caused a wreck of $20 billion dollars.

Los Angeles

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