Why do earthquakes occur? Not a mystery, believe me!

Earth can be compared to that of a human being, just like a human being remains patient most of the time, piling up the frustrations one upon another and suddenly bursts out the emotions. The same way, Earth also bears all the changes and outbreaks its energy when it becomes difficult for it to take up the new change overs. History says that the world was one and it got alienated to various continents because of the Earthquakes and the Earth, now looks like a divided, giant Jigsaw puzzle.


1 What is an Earthquake?

The trembling of the Earth’s surface is known as Earthquakes. It can be felt in different forms like a tremor under the feet or in a very powerful form, which is capable of destroying a whole city or a state or even a country. Earthquakes also happen under the sea which results in the eruption of giant waves, called tsunami.

What is an Earthquake

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2 How does an Earthquake occur?

The Earth is really nonchalant when we look at it in a normal way, but below our bases, the Earth is relentlessly fluctuating. Below the earth’s surface are the Tectonic plates. These plates, when they slide one upon other, release a force causing the earth to vibrate. This is the reason why, earthquakes are also called as temblors. This energy travels at a greater speed, bursting in all ways. Most of the time, it does not create any loss to mankind, but when the magnitude increases, the loss is reflected in the lives of mankind.

How does an Earthquake occur

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3 How do we know that a tremor is approaching?

Seismograph is used to record the movements that take place under the ground. This instrument reveals about the power and swiftness of the energy moving from the threshold underneath. This helps in predicting an occurrence.
Top 3 places where Earthquakes could hit next

How do we know that a tremor is approaching

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All the areas of the Earth are prone to Earthquakes, but there are few spots where Earthquakes are habitual and anticipated to cause great ruins.



This is the capital of Iran. The city of Tehran is growing briskly with a lot of magnificent buildings. The Iranian officials have created financial reserves for 5 million Iranian people to leave the city if the tremor hits the city. Tehran is expected to face a magnitude of 6.0 or an even greater Earthquake in the upcoming years and the devastation is also anticipated to be huge, because of the location of the city and the poor construction yardsticks.


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Turkey is habitual to fatal earthquakes. Over 100,000 have departed their lives in the earthquakes in past. Even today, the risk still exists. The constructions in the city have not met the construction norms. The city is likely to face a magnitude of 7.0 by the year 2030.


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Los Angeles:


This city has a lot of resources, devoted to avert the disaster. Los Angeles might experience a magnitude of 6.7 by the year 2038. The city faced an earthquake in the year 1994, which killed around 57 people and caused a wreck of $20 billion dollars.

Los Angeles

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4 Man-made Earthquakes

Earthquakes are nature’s curse to man, but human beings do not just end with this, they themselves dig a pit for them.


Dams: We all know that the mass of water is dense than air. When the dam’s basin is being filled with water, the shell of the earth experiences a pressure, thereby creating an earthquake. Ex: The Hoover Dam faces hundreds of tremors every time.

Disposing deadly waste into the ground: The US Army dug a 12,000 foot well and abandoned the toxic waste into the ground. The Army would have deposited around 165 million gallons of toxic waste this way. Regrettably, this method, prompted earthquake in the nearby region and the operation was forced to be closed down.

Coal Mines: There are a lot of coal mines around the world that pull a lot of fuel out of the earth. The coal mines, usually drain out water besides coal, at times, the level of water extracted is much more than coal. This increases the chance of earthquake in the regions.


Inappropriate Buildings: A land can bear only a certain amount of weight and when it cannot bear it, it erupts as earthquakes. When a lot of buildings come up in an area, at times, the land might not be able to bear it.

Man-made Earthquakes

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5 Outcomes of an Earthquake

  • Shaking of the ground and damage to buildings
  • Landslides and avalanches
  • Tsunami
  • Floods
  • Injury and loss of life
  • Diseases
  • Sanitation Crisis
  • Lack of basic essentials
Outcomes of an Earthquake

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6 Tips to escape an earthquake

  • Protect your neck and head with your arms. If, you have any durable object nearby cling on to that.
  • If you are out-of-doors, stand in an open space. Do not stay near buildings, trees or streetlights.
  • If you are touring in a vehicle, stop the motor vehicle and stay in it. Do not park the vehicle under a building or tree.
Tips to escape an earthquake

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