Why do earthquakes occur? Not a mystery, believe me!

Earth can be compared to that of a human being, just like a human being remains patient most of the time, piling up the frustrations one upon another and suddenly bursts out the emotions. The same way, Earth also bears all the changes and outbreaks its energy when it becomes difficult for it to take up the new change overs. History says that the world was one and it got alienated to various continents because of the Earthquakes and the Earth, now looks like a divided, giant Jigsaw puzzle.

1 What is an Earthquake?

The trembling of the Earth’s surface is known as Earthquakes. It can be felt in different forms like a tremor under the feet or in a very powerful form, which is capable of destroying a whole city or a state or even a country. Earthquakes also happen under the sea which results in the eruption of giant waves, called tsunami.

What is an Earthquake

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