Why ’Bad’ Girls Are always Happier Than ‘Good’ Ones and What They Do to remain This Way


Since time immemorial girls have always been taught to be “good”. They are taught to be mild, gentle, patient and selfless. Putting others first and treating everyone with compassion is what makes a girl really good. They get social approval for their behaviors and are judged on the basis of their goodness. But in adulthood being good also means a lot of self-sacrifices, being humble and selfless to the extent of treated as a doormat. Jill Webber a psychologist from Washington confirms this by saying that in order to find proof of their goodness in adult life, women often harm their happiness. So should we be like bad girls who look to their own comfort and pleasure because there are advantages in that too. Bad girls on the other hand, break this social norm and think about making themselves happy first. They strive for their own comfort and pleasure ending up happier and content with life. Here’s how a “Bad” girl lives, so judge for yourself whether you should be like them or not.

1They leave meetings if people come late

A good woman sacrifices her precious time for others which is not wise. It makes you open to exploitation. For smart women, time is precious and thus they wait for no one and will make no one wait for her either because she values professionalism and time. Everyone here is out to make money and a name for themselves and if it’s a meeting at the office it reflects a chance to know and learn about your employer’s vision and expectations from you.

They leave meetings if people come late

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Keeping people waiting is a sign of disregard

If someone keeps you waiting, it simply means you are not considered with the same respect or regard which you deserve so therefore, you shouldn’t wait for them either and walk away gracefully. There is always a choice of rescheduling a meeting rather than keeping anyone waiting for you so you do not need to be guilty about it at all. According to psychologists, if a person is late for a meeting, they are subconsciously demonstrating that meetings aren’t the best way to spend time.

Keeping people waiting is a sign of disregard

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2They are not ashamed of indulging in their hobbies

A confident woman does not feel scared of indulging herself in her hobbies and small pleasures rather than keeping up the appearance of “proper” all the time. Maybe you do like to read a chic-literature sometimes watch or read Twilight and Harry Potter rather than watching and reading Shakespeare or having to appreciate some art masterpiece all the time.

Watching movie and dancing together

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There is nothing wrong with indulging in harmless fun

Indulging yourself in harmless fun is considered sensible behavior says research. It does not mean you are lowering your I.Q or standard of living. In fact, it boosts up your ability to maintain your perseverance in this very demanding society. A smart girl breaks the taboo around having fun and indulges herself in small daily pleasures without feeling guilty about it.

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