13 Valid Reasons Why Asian Children Are Among the Healthiest In the World

9Monitoring internet dependency

The world over, children are becoming heavily dependent on electronic devices mainly because of social media. In South Korea, this is hardly the case where such things are rare. The country takes a lot of action in combating internet dependency. Authorities organize camps, rehab centers and treatment centers to help young people addicted to the internet. There are also laws set into place that prevent children below 16 from gaining internet access.

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10Giving kids more responsibility

When you give children responsibilities, it cultivates a sense of maturity and responsibility in them. Japanese children are expected to go to school by themselves, do household chores and also help clean classrooms. This helps the child to be independent and also responsible. It also teaches them to take care of themselves. Independence in children will help them cultivate the same character later in life where they won’t need to be dependent always on others.

11Making mealtime as healthy as possible

In Asian countries, there is a big effort to make food healthy for kids. In Japan, the main course in a meal will always be vegetables. Meat isn’t considered important and features less in every diet except fish. Fat, dairy and sugar are also never emphasized upon in a Japanese diet. Soup and healthy ingredients like goji berries, lemongrass and ginger are some of the common ingredients used in cooking in most parts of Asia.

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12Children drink tea

In countries like China and Japan, children are encouraged to drink tea rather than coke or soft drinks. However, this isn’t your regular CTC tea you may be thinking of because Japanese and Chinese teas are invariably of the green or herbal type and that is excellent for health with several health benefits such as improving eyesight and reducing stress.

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13Innovative exercise

Asian countries emphasize physical activity for children as a means to ensure their health. In Schools, there are various physical activity programmes as well as exercise or dancing maybe during assembly. One biggest and recent example of how the Chinese use innovative means to keep their school kids fit is making them dance during assembly. This young school principal learned some pretty good moves in the shuffle dance and even taught it to his entire school. Watch the video.



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