13 Valid Reasons Why Asian Children Are Among the Healthiest In the World

5 Live-streaming classes

China is quite innovative when it comes to teaching. When bad weather does not permit kids to go to school, then schools live stream lessons from the empty classroom. In this way, kids are logically still in school learning from the safety of their homes. This practice is quite helpful and it doesn’t matter if schools close for bad weather, learning continues.

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6Serving children smaller portions of food instead of full courses

The Japanese have a lunch program that was developed to help starving children in need. It commenced just after WWII but the modern counterpart is pretty much the same concept. The meals aren’t like a western meal with main course; instead the meals are broken up into smaller portions with a variety of rice, miso, fish or meat and vegetables.

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7Enjoying the great outdoors

Outdoor activity is very important for children because of physical exercise and sunlight. In South Korea, children are encouraged with outdoor activities like hiking and camping. Those living in urban areas also participate in such programmes which are like a much-needed break from routine life. The outdoor programmes are developed with focus on relaxation, health, mental well being and awareness.

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8Walking to get around

Walking is an important physical activity in most parts of Asia. There are several Asian countries where people walk to get around rather than use public transport. South Koreans also use devices such as health trackers to record the number steps and distance covered every day. Children in Asian countries are usually expected to go walking to school instead of taking a bus.

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