13 Valid Reasons Why Asian Children Are Among the Healthiest In the World

There are several studies that claim how Japanese children have good health more than kids around the world. This is perhaps due to a healthy lifestyle which if all kids around the world follow would be good for them even as they grow older. There are many Asian countries where the children are brought up in healthier environments and with better habits that promote good health. Perhaps its time we too took a look at what exactly is it that makes children from Asian countries especially Japan much healthier than most kids in the west.  Here’s what they do.


1Not letting kids read too closely

There are several Chinese schools that have installed bars designed for the health of children’s eyes. They believe that staring at books to closely can damage a child’s eyes and they aren’t entirely wrong. The bars make sure a child maintains a safe distance and also ensure that a child develops the correct posture without slouching or hunching.

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2Conducting eye exercises

In most schools of mainland China, elementary and secondary schools also teach eye exercises to children which they feel will improve the circulatory system and relax eye muscles. The eye exercise is performed in six exercises or sessions where one massages different areas of the eyes. Children are encouraged to do this twice a day.

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3Holding tests outside

Throughout China and over the years, it is a common system to hold classes outdoors. This is to prevent children from cheating because in this way they can be seated farther away from each other in comparison to a room with less space. Besides, it also has its benefits because it exposes children to fresh air, and sunlight that ensures their dose of vitamin D. Bing outdoors also reduces the stress of being confined in a class room and that improves a child’s mental condition also making them learn easily.

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4They wear surgical masks

During winter, it is easier for people to get sick because of having to stay indoors and being exposed to germs from others. In Japan, it is common for people who are sick and have allergies to wear surgical masks which protect them from breathing in airborne germs as well as decreasing their chances to transmit germs to others. The sale of surgical masks increase heavily in winter and during outbreaks of flu and cold.

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