Why 50 species of French cheese have vanished in the last 4 decades?

We all love cheese. Don’t we? And when we mention ‘cheese’ how can we forget the land of France, a country where people have been savouring cheeses since as long as they can imagine life. Cheese, in France, is not only a part of their tradition but it is a significant part of their culture. The French have innovated a multitude of cheese varieties that are famous across the globe since ages. But now, in the present times, if you search the streets of France, you will not be able to find a bleu de Termignon, a galette des Monts-d’Or or a vacherin d’Abondance even in the most elite cheese shops. This is indeed surprising and shocking for cheese lovers as it has been seen that these 3 conventional cheese varieties are among the 50 species of French cheese that have vanished since the last 4 decades.

1 Cheese devotees fear the disappearance of other popular French cheese varieties

With such a shocking revelation, cheese devotees are now fearing the inclusion of other delicious and traditional French cheese varieties entering into the extinct list; these include brie de Meaux, bleu de Auveregne, crottin de Chavignol along with an assortment of other varieties.

French cheese varieties

Image Source: www.independent.co.uk

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