11 Reasons Which Tell Why 30-Year-Old Women Look More Beautiful Than They Did At 20

Many times we meet a woman who looks quite younger for her age and we are left completely amused as to how she has managed to look so beautiful. Usually, a woman gets prettier as she ages and there is a considerable difference in not just her beauty, but in her voice, attitude, confidence and body language as well. They learn a lot as they grow up and despite the fact that their age increases, they still manage to look younger.


Today we are going to talk about some reasons because of which a 30 yr old woman looks 10 yrs



1She knows her style and fashion:

At the age of 20, a woman keeps experimenting with her fashion and style, sometimes she looks great while some of the fashion trends don’t suit her but by the time she reaches 30, she is pretty sure of what is best for her. She knows what suits her and even if she indulges in experiments, she has an idea about the results that she is going to get.

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They earn pretty good at the age of 30:

She earns good by the age of 30 and spends money only on the high-quality products which do not harm her in any manner. She doesn’t mind spending money on the clothes of her choice which not only enhance her beauty but also increase her confidence.

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2They are very cautious about what they eat:

Mostly, young girls don’t like to cook or eat food which is cooked at home and they prefer to eat out. In the process, they end up feeding themselves with fast food which may be tastier but not healthy at all. However, at the age of 30, a woman is more cautious about her diet as she understands that her diet has a great effect on how she looks and how she feels.

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They maintain a diet plan:

With time they get to understand that food cooked at home is more hygienic and healthier than the food that they consumed outside. Now they don’t shy away from preparing some healthy dishes as they know that what they will eat will get reflected on their skin and looks. In fact, at the age of 30 they maintain a diet plan for themselves and avoid anything which is harmful for health and are very particular about their weight.

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3At 30, age doesn’t matter to them:

At the age of 30, they are not much concerned about their age because now they have realized that it is going to increase at its own pace and they can’t do anything about it. So it is better to live their life to the fullest rather than worrying about something which is not in their control. This attitude gives them confidence which is pretty much visible in the manner in which they carry themselves.

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